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What you need to know about me before you decide to work with me

I have a ruthless love for the truth, and that means that I have a hard time tolerating bullshit - my own - and yours. I will be real and straightforward with you. And you'll have to get real too - with me - and with yourself.

I say it how it is, and that can be uncomfortable for the other person.

I take responsibility for my stuff, and I need you to take responsibility for your stuff.

I could look at your balance sheet and I could streamline your processes but, it IS about you and your people first. Your business is NO place for hidden agendas and secrets, in you or your staff, if you want to improve your bottom line. So first things first. And that is to get you and your staff to become really really honest.

If there is suppressed anger and aggression in you or your staff it'll need to get dealt with - asap! And in this context, let's be honest: Meditation is great, but it cannot be the first step. It happens naturally after we've dealt with unresolved emotional issues, secrets and hidden agendas. 

I understand business but, I also understand people, the mind, the psyche and what goes on in the interaction with each other and the resulting group dynamics. Business and people need to be in tune, otherwise no real lasting improvement is possible. 

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