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I'm a bad-ass skier, and my parents used to fear for my life when they'd see me racing down the slopes



When I came home from my first ever camping holiday I slept in the backyard instead of my bed, right under the stars, for 9 nights straight

When preparing for a trip around New Zealand in 1999, a friend convinced me to take my pushbike with me as a means of transport; I hated it for about two weeks but then did ride it for more than 4000 km's around NZ alone, and continued in Bali and Thailand 

My favorite home was an 11-meter bus (converted into a mobile home), and I lived in it from 2010 till 2014 (I drove it too, and I needed to get a heavy vehicle license for it)


I love, love, LOVE fast cars though!! :-)


The fastest car I ever drove was a 7-series BMW (this was in 1997), and I got it up to 260 km/h on the autobahn somewhere between Salzburg and Munich in the middle of the night

My absolute favorite car ever was a Landcruiser Troopcarrier (Troopy), registered in Western Australia, that I owned for 8 years and that I travelled and lived in for several months every year.

On one of my trips in my 'Troopy', I stayed 'out bush'  for 2 months straight; I would shower at the roadhouses along the sealed road - or jump into a billabong whenever I could find one

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