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The research on mindfulness indicates that meditation enhances skills like emotional intelligence, attention and memory. I interviewed a number of leaders about their experiences with meditation, and saw again and again how their observations

about meditation in the workplace were aligned with the findings of academic research.

Meditation increases resilience. Numerous research studies suggest that meditation has the potential to

decrease anxiety, thereby potentially increasing resilience and performance in stress situations.

Meditation boots emotional intelligence. 

Brain-imaging research shows that meditation can help restore our capacity to regulate our emotions.

Meditation boosts creativity. Scientific research suggests that we conceive our greatest insights and best ideas when we are in a meditative and relaxed state of mind. This is likely because meditation encourages divergent thinking, a key component of creativity.

Meditation improves our relationships. Stress narrows our perspective and reduces empathy, which can have a negative impact on performance and results. Meditation can boost our mood and increase our sense of connection to others as well as help make us a kinder and more compassionate person.

Meditation helps us focus. Research has shown that our minds have a tendency to wander about 50% of the time. Add in phone calls, text messages, phone calls, work interruptions and emails, it’s no surprise that employees have a hard time staying focused. But studies show that regular meditation can help decrease our tendency for distraction strengthening our ability to stay focused.

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