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Empowering Others

Aneesha Consulting has been in the making since 2003 and is still being created new every day. My work is all about you. I care about the people in your business. I live and work to empower others. It is my mission to facilitate global transformation, raising awareness and contributing to an awakened civilization on this planet. This is as much an individual challenge as it is a corporate one. I am dedicated to facilitating change and transformation starting at the root cause of the problem. If you are ready to be part of this inner and outer revolution give me a call today and see what I can do for you.


I'm not only at home in business with a degree in economics, but I am also a psychodynamic coach and a relationship expert. As such I recognize the one critical factor that is absolutely crucial in running any type of business: The people! And the relationship between those people. No matter what industry you are in, chances are that at least part of your business depends on people. Human Capital needs to be looked after just as much as any other asset in your company. I provide specialized services to facilitate change, so that you can achieve your vision and optimize performance and productivity. And I start with the people. It is the most important asset at your company—and any plans to move your business forward have to start there.

Mutual Support And  Cooperation

The Basis for everything else

Greater Productivity & Creativity


I wholeheartedly embrace mindfulness & meditation as a valuable tool also in the business world to bring out the best in people. And people are one of your most important assets in your company. But why should you as a business leader embrace meditation rather than, say, massage or ping-pong? Because there’s something to meditation that appears to benefit CEOs more than recreation or relaxation do alone.

I specialize in bringing mindfulness training to CEOs and corporate teams. I am seeing a growing interest among leaders in meditation as a way to build leadership skills – and achieve business goals. What I see is that most of our new clients don't go for meditation because it is en vogue; they actually want to experience how these approaches are truly beneficial to existing priorities like retention, talent advancement, innovation. It works, whether your goal is to create agile and flexible mindsets or more honesty between team members and leaders as a foundation for authentic leadership



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+49152 23474177

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